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This site is dedicated to becoming a repository of all Community Contributed information pertaining to the VICIDIAL Call Center Suite.

Vicidial is property of The Vicidial Group. The software is published under License: AGPLv2

The Vicidial Group (the owners of Vicidial)

Forum for Community Support

Issue Tracker (Bug Reporting and tracking)

The Old Wiki that was abused to the point that The Vicidial Group had to shut it down

Vicidial Admin.php Change List

Installation Methods

Scratch Install

Vicidial Known Good Motherboards

How to get going with Vicidial

OpenSuSE in AWS lightsail

Match Vicidial Version to DB Schema

GenXOutsourcing GitHub Script

Stock Features

Add a SIP Carrier

Add Performance Test Leads


Vicidial Database Structure



Fake Carrier for Training and Testing

Dial Through FreePBX with Vicidial

Vicidial NDNC Scrubbing by Poundteam - Client information sheet

Standard Whitelist Firewall Instructons: Whitelist

Dynamic Good Guys Firewall: DGG

Failover Server Configuration

Vicidial RatioManager

Other Software Help

Ubuntu Mail Server



Limit Sugar Users to view ONLY their own records



Checking Version