Vicidial NDNC Scrubbing by Poundteam - Client information sheet

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Changes that have been made to your Vicidial installation

  1. When you upload a list, the status of those lists is now "NO_DNC" instead of new. These will not be available to dial, of course.
  2. New menu item: Lists->NDNC Maintenance
  3. During NDNC Scrubbing, the system will modify the status of leads for which you do NOT have the NDNC to "NO_DNC" and will place the prior status in "Address3" for reference.
  4. Latest NDNC date for each area code is visible on the Lists->NDNC Maintenance page under "DNC Lists Presently Loaded"

NDNC List Maintenance

Acquire your NDNC list from the NDNC

From the National Do Not Call Registry

  • Do not modify the file or filename in any way. Just pass it through!
  • Download the standard format, not the XML version
  • Remember that you can only download once per day unless your download is interrupted (site rules)

Upload to Vicidial Server

  1. Click on Lists->NDNC Maintenance
  2. By "Load zipped DNC file": click on "Browse"
  3. Locate and select the file you downloaded above.
  4. Choose State or Area Code, whichever is appropriate (the Full List option is not yet available)
  5. Submit
  6. WAIT! (it will take a while to upload!)
  7. Repeat for any other lists
  8. When all lists are uploaded, by "DNC Files Ready to Process" click on "Process Now"
    • During light or idle dialer use only. Not recommended during moderate or heavy use.
    • This process does NOT run automatically at night as yet.

Vicidial List Maintenance

Upload lists as usual, they will have a status of "NO_DNC" instead of "NEW" and will not be available to dial until they have been "Scrubbed".

There are two methods of Scrubbing lists:

  1. Click on Lists->NDNC Maintenance
  2. By "Uploaded Lists Awaiting DNC Check" click on "Check Waiting Lists" Then WAIT! (it will take a while to check the system!)
    • During very light or idle dialer use only. Not recommended during light, moderate or heavy use.
    • This process DOES run automatically at night, so planning ahead will allow reduced delays. (Load lists in the morning before shift, or at the end of the workday.)

Some general notes

  • Rebooting will clear any existing uploaded but unprocessed NDNC lists.
  • NDNC lists are NOT retained on the system, they are discarded after use.
  • This version does NOT cover "Multiple phone numbers per client" (Alt-Phone, Addr3 phone are not checked ONLY phone_number!).
  • This version does NOT support "Partial" lists (changed since last download), as we have no method of validating that there have been no "lost" intermediate downloads. As such, this could result in an invalid list.

Coming Soon

  • Coming soon: only validate specific lists instead of the entire vicidial_list table (To speed new list availability)
    This may allow the use of a Filter to avoid dialing leads for which you do not own the NDNC, while still not modifying the status of the leads themselves.
  • Coming soon: upload the entire US list (in addition to states and area codes)
  • Coming soon: auto-process uploaded lists nightly
  • Coming soon: "Override" box to skip NO_DNC status and make 'em "NEW" anyway.


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