Limit Sugar Users to view ONLY their own records

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Here is how you Create a "Role" named "Agent" and assign it to ALL users (except Admins) so that the users may only see their own records:

Admin->Role Management (in users section of admin page)->Create Role
Name: Agent
Description: Non-Managers!

In the "Access" column, change Not Set to "Disabled" for all the modules that your agents should not be able to see (for instance, Projects and Trackers and Cases ...). When in doubt, Disable it. You can easily turn it back on later.

In EACH active module, change DELETE and EXPORT and IMPORT to NONE and change EDIT and LIST and VIEW to OWNER.

Save the role.

At the bottom of the "Roles:Agent" grid is a pane called "Users". You can select all the users here (by hitting select) and have them all assigned to this role.