Vicidial RatioManager

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Vicidial Ratio Manager

Controls and Activation

  • Add "RatioManager" to the description field of the campaign (anywhere in the field is fine, but no spaces and case sensitive).
  • Set the Drop Percentage Limit to a reasonable value (1% higher or lower than your present drop percentage OR 3% if you have not yet begun).
  • Set the Maximum Adapt Dial Level to "High.Low" for the desired RatioManager high and low limits. For instance, Maximum Adapt Dial Level to "4.3" which will max at 4.0 and Min at 3.0. Fairly neutral range for testing purposes, and it seems to meet the needs of many on-site admins.

The system will then check every minute and raise by 0.1 or lower by 0.1 based on today's dropped calls, today's dropped calls percent, Drop Percentage Limit, the number of agents in the campaign, and the average wait time for those agents presently waiting for a call.

The average wait time "threshold" changes at under 5 agents waiting, 5-9 agents waiting, and 10 or more agents waiting. (Presently hard-coded, but will later be managed on a separate management screen.)

In theory, this system will adjust the Dial Ratio every minute and keep your stats "reasonable" based on your Drop Percentage Limit over the entire shift.

Failsafe Notes:

  1. It will NOT reduce the Dial Ratio if a call has not dropped since the last reduction.
  2. It will NOT increase the Dial Ratio if you are over your Drop Percentage Limit.
  3. It will never adjust by more than 0.1 "per minute".
  4. It can be turned off instantly by removing "RatioManager" from the description field.

Beta Notes:

  1. Thresholds and "good" vs "bad" wait times are presently hard-coded.
  2. If there is enough interest in this add-on, we will create a preference page to allow setting these values "overall" and/or "per campaign".