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Add new entries

Add New Domain

At GoDaddy/ExpertSRS/DomainMonster (whoever the registrar is):

  • Set MX record to "mail.skpro.com"
  • Note that DNS resolution can take anywhere from 30 seconds to four hours. Less time if the domain has NEVER had a request
    _(ie: do not try to access this domain name before configuring DNS, then wait five minutes, this should avoid cache problems)._

In webmin, Postfix Mail Server => Virtual Domains

  • "Domains to perform virtual mapping for" -> Add domain name (comma delimited) to end of list

To Add A New Catch-All email account

  • In all cases the email MUST first pass through a local user account on this server. Required.

Sending to an Internal user (Required for external as well)

In webmin, Postfix Mail Server => Virtual Domains

  • "Add a new mapping"
  1. Description: DOMAINNAME Catch-All (or any other descriptive phrase)
  2. Name: @DOMAINNAME.com (the actual domain)
  3. Maps to: bill (or other user name for a user on this server)

Sending to an External email account

Complete the internal setup above (yes, this requires a User on the local system dedicated to this forward account!)

  • Do not forget to set SPF records since this forward may qualify as a new email generated on behalf of the domain.

In webmin, Postfix Mail Server => Mail Aliases

  • "Create a new alias"
  1. Description: DOMAINNAME Catch-All Forward (or any other descriptive phrase)
  2. Name: username from internal setup above
  3. Maps to: [email protected] (external email address goes here)

Add New User

In webmin, System: Users and Groups => Create new user

Home directory will be /home/NEWUSERNAME (automatic)

If forwarding to an external email address, Password can be "No Login allowed" and shell can be "usr/sbin/nologin" to avoid actual login to ssh.

But if accepting the email (individual or catch all), password must be set, but shell can still be nologin.

Add new email addresses

Webmin -> Postfix -> Virtual Domains -> Add a new mapping

  • Description: (doesn't matter: BoobledeeGooGoo)
  • Name: (email address: [email protected])
  • Maps to...: (user name: bill)