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Here you will find installation instructions for the installation and configuration of Sangoma's Netborder Call Analyzer. This system was set up and tested on a system containing FreePBX ( FreePBX-4.211.64-4-x86_64-Full-1370294264.iso ) and CentOS. Please note that this was installed STRICTLY as a passthrough proxy. The PBX package itself was not used. Calls were made directly from vicidial through Netborder and out to the carrier.

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ISO Used: FreePBX-4.211.64-4-x86_64-Full-1370294264.iso

Asterisk Version: 1.8

For more detailed instructions please refer to the User guide located here:

A User Guide can be found here:


Download NetBorderCallAnalyzerSetup2.<version>.<arch>.rpm to this directory. Linux_2.0.3 happens to be the version that was used in our installation.

cd /usr/src
rpm -i NetBorderCallAnalyzerSetup2.xLinux_2.0.3.rpm

--This will install the Netborder software to /opt/Sangoma_NetBorderCallAnalyzer. --


Since Netborder is a proxy service, the port for the proxy server must match the port for the final call server. However "outbondproxyport=" value is ignored in asterisk 1.4.39 (bug). If Netborder is running on port 5062, then the "carrier" must also be listening on port 5062. if the carrier is on 5060, then the port for netborder must be changed to match, as follows:

cd /opt/Sangoma_NetBorderCallAnalyzer/config

Add your SANGOMA CALL ANALYSER Server IP to these two files

nano +9
nano +9

Entries Should look similar to the following:

# Primary IP address must be set if multiple IP addresses are available on host
# Do not use leading zeros in numbers or they will be interpreted as octal numbers

Add your outbound Carrier IP here:

nano +39

Should look like this entry here:

# Optional: set outbound proxy host:post to use to reach the callee
# Applies to call with CPA active (cpd=on) or not

You need to add your IP to the authorized carrier list if you are using IP authentication.

Edit your Vicidial Carrier. We used a Paraxip entry, as follows. Also note that the Port entries are different from above:


DIAL7TRUNK = SIP/carriername

Dialplan Entry:
exten => _71NXXNXXXXXX,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _71NXXNXXXXXX,2,Dial(${DIAL7TRUNK}/${EXTEN:1},,tTor)
exten => _71NXXNXXXXXX,3,Hangup

Start Netborder Services

Start Netborder

service netborder-call-analyzer start

In the event the service doesn't start view the messages log file for information


Start the Service automatically on startup/reboot

chkconfig netborder-call-analyzer on

Any changes to the configuration files require a restart of the Sangoma Software.

service netborder-call-analyzer stop
service netborder-call-analyzer start

Test your settings

Make a call with the carrier settings. For instance, with the example carrier shown above, change your "Dial Prefix" in your campaign to "7".

Enter into the Vicidial user interface, and test the call.

You can also connect to the system with a standard agent phone. For instance, with the example carrier shown above, dial 71 + phone number from an agent phone.

  • Be aware of the pause after answering while the Answering Machine Detection is working.